End of Lease Repairs Bradford

End of Lease Repairs Bradford

End of Lease Repairs Bradford

When you approach the end of your leasing agreement, book a visit from our repair van to ensure that the vehicle is in full compliance with the current standards. Leasing companies tend to charge expensive fees for work that can be done for much less, this is where we step in. Reno-V8 Smart Repairs can perform a full inspection of the vehicle and provide all of the necessary work at a home or work location that is convenient for you within the Bradford, Leeds or Harrogate districts.

Our team of experts can perform all the needed work and unlike our competitors, nothing is outsourced, helping us to pass lower costs onto our clients. The service is quick and hassle-free, with most repairs being completed in an hour or two.

Other Issues

SMART Repairs are perfect for removing minor cosmetic imperfections, such as scrapes, scuffs and scratches. If an additional layer of paint is required, we use your cars specific colour tag to ensure a perfect match.

Reno-V8 Smart Repairs can help to keep your alloy wheels in the best possible condition. We use manual sanding techniques to remove minor damage from alloys, with filler being used on deeper damage.

Avoid the expensive fees often charged by leasing companies for damage that can easily be fixed. A highly trained assessor can inspect your vehicle prior to sending it back and perform the required work at a cost-effective rate.

If you have a dent in the bodywork of your vehicle and the paint is still intact, we can use specialist tools and techniques to remove the damage without the need for any paint or filler to be used.

End of Lease Repair Process:

Stage One – The vehicle is inspected and any damage is identified. This can be done in person or by attaching pictures to our booking form.

Stage Two – We provide a quote to the customer for all of the work. All the work detailed in quote will bring your vehicle up to the accepted standards.

Stage Three – After the pricing is agreed upon, Reno-V8 perform all of the outlined work to the highest standard.

Stage Four – The vehicle is returned to you, ready to be sent back to the leasing company you selected.

Book Your End of Lease Estimate

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